A Bed and Breakfast is a Better Way to Stay

For some reason Bed and Breakfasts have gotten a lot of bad press lately.  It began with an article in the Washington Post, then Bon Appetit weighed in, and now Anderson Cooper, in a video from his show, explains why he "hates" B&Bs.

There are many people who have never stayed at a B&B and are afraid to try it now because of all these negative comments.  For example:  no privacy; intrusive innkeepers; ruffles, doilies and tchotchkes everywhere; high, lumpy beds; bad food; shared bathrooms; dried flowers and stinky potpourri...just to name a few.

Not what you will find at our B&B

These are all outdated stereotypes.  Rest assured - most inns are not like this.  Innkeepers are professionals managing a business - not your Aunt Martha putting you up for the night in the spare room.

A B&B  is like a very small hotel, but with unique architecture, romantic furnishings and gardens - not the cookie cutter room you will have in a chain hotel.  Plus, breakfast, beverages, and snacks are usually included in the price, along with parking, wireless internet, and concierge service.

Most innkeepers live on site and, therefore, are always available (if you need them) for help in choosing a restaurant, local activities, providing directions, and answering any other questions you may have.

In addition, a stay at a small bed and breakfast provides you with the opportunity to meet and interact with people from other areas of the country and the world in a way that would not be possible in a hotel.

On the other hand, if you want privacy, you can have that too.  There are parlors, porches and gardens where you can relax for hours without ever being disturbed.

So, give us small business owners a chance.  Inn keeping, after all, is the second oldest profession.