Biltmore Candlelight Christmas Evenings - November 9, 2013 through January 4, 2014

The Christmas decorations at the Biltmore House have become one of the largest holiday displays in the Southeast.  Candlelight Evenings are even more magical as they allow guests to experience the hundreds of lighted trees both outside and in the home.

The front lawn of the Biltmore Estate features a forest with thousands of lights.  The entrance road is lined with decorated and lit trees, the Lodge Gate lights accent architectural features, and the Admission Gate House and trees are lined with lights.

Once inside, the display includes scores of uniquely decorated Christmas trees and hundreds of wreaths, bows, and poinsettias.  The many fireplaces and candles create a golden glow throughout.  Guests can also enjoy live music on their tour of the first and second floors.

Candlelight Christmas Evening requires a separate entry fee, and it is date and time specific.

If you want to reserve a candlelight ticket in advance, it is best to do this directly through Biltmore.  Visit their web site for details:  

If you don't reserve a Candlelight visit in advance, the Biltmore Daytime ticket you purchase from us for $50 (which is good for two consecutive days) can be upgraded to a Candlelight Evening ticket for an additional $15.  This can be done at any guest service station on the Estate when visiting during the day, but it will be based on availability at that time.

Candlelight Christmas Evenings are not available on the following dates:

  •  Tuesday, November 26
  •  Thursday, November 28
  •  Tuesday, December 24
  •  Wednesday, December 25