Biltmore Candlelight Christmas Evenings

The 2012 Candlelight Evenings at Biltmore begin on November 9th and run through December 31st.

The grounds of the estate and the interior of the house are aglow with thousands of lights and Christmas decorations - nothing else will get you into the holiday spirit faster.

Visit Biltmore's web site for additional photos and details about the history of this annual event, as well as a description of this year's theme and the dining options.

You can reserve your Candlelight Evening ticket directly through Biltmore.

Or, you can upgrade the Biltmore daytime ticket you purchase from us for $45 (which is good for two consecutive days) to a Candlelight Evening ticket for an additional $10.  This can be done at any guest service station on the estate on the day of your visit, but it will be limited by the availability at that time.

Another option is to purchase a Candlelight Evening ticket in advance through us by calling or emailing The Lion and the Rose Bed and Breakfast. The cost of your visit will be less if purchased and scheduled through us rather than Biltmore. It's a special service that we offer our guests.

Tickets are date and time specific and are non refundable once the reservation is confirmed.  Please specify the date, a range of your time choice (beginning at 5 PM), the number of tickets you want, and give us at least 48 hours advance notice. 

If you want to dine on the estate, please specify whether before or after the house visit and give us your restaurant choice.

Candlelight Christmas Evenings are not available on the following dates:  

  • November 20
  • November 22
  • December 24
  • December 25