The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a national treasure that was built by public works programs started during the Great Depression.  It's a scenic highway that traverses the crest of the oldest and most beautiful mountain range in the world.  Its beauty is unsurpassed in any season.

The Parkway is almost 500 miles long and stretches through Virginia and North Carolina.  Along the way there are hiking trails, scenic overlooks with panoramic views and picnic areas.  It's not just a road, but a long stretch of public park with unlimited vistas.

Many of the best views and hikes are very close to Asheville.  The Parkway runs right through our town - there are several ways to enter and exit it - so it's very accessible.  If you stay at The Lion and the Rose, we'll give you written directions to the Parkway as well as a list of the best hikes and overlooks:  Craggy Pinnacle, Graveyard Fields, Mount Pisgah, Looking Glass name a few.

Follow this link for a video tour of America's Greatest Highway.