Carolyn F. Spain

One of the great things about our town is its thriving arts community, and we're fortunate to know a talented water colorist who lives and works just a few blocks away from our Asheville, North Carolina Bed & Breakfast.


Carolyn Spain, a native of Asheville, North Carolina, has been immersed in the area's natural beauty throughout her life.  This inspired her to represent the beauty she experienced through the art of watercolor.

As a child she enjoyed playing in streams, smelling the morning mist, rock hopping, tree climbing, and flopping in the middle of pastures to watch clouds evolve into interesting shapes.


She believes "we all have a vault of experiences, past and present, we keep subconsciously filed in our mind,  These are often brought back to life by a color, a line, a certain rhythm of shapes, like the clouds of childhood."

Carolyn describes her art as "nothing lofty, no fluff, just a down to earth translation of those beautiful times."

Carolyn is a true renaissance woman: a teacher by former profession, an avid gardener, a successful small business owner, and a talented chef.


For more information you can contact her at:

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