Farm to Table

Asheville, North Carolina has long been an advocate of the farm to table movement which is only slowly catching on now throughout the country.  The idea is that the closer the food that you eat is from the farm where it's grown, the better it is for your health - not to mention that it tastes a whole lot better too.

The Asheville area has many small, family  farms that sell their products to the community.  One that we are fortunate enough to have found is  the Wenos Animal Refinery in Arden, North Carolina.  Gene Eu, the owner, moved here from California and describes his place as a "small farm showcasing unique livestock suitable for sustainable and spiritual communities."

We buy his fresh chicken eggs.  They are wonderful sunny side up, over easy, or scrambled.  Not only do they taste better than store bought eggs, but they are colored beautifully - inside & out.  The yolks are a bright golden yellow and the shells are in various sizes and are colored brown, taupe, powder blue and white.


The Wenos Farm has many other animals - goats, sheep, horses, cows; and they are all free to roam in their fenced fields and to mingle with each other & with the humans on the farm.  These happy, free roaming chickens make great eggs.  Come to The Lion & the Rose Bed & Breakfast to try them!