February, 2014 Snow Storm

Asheville's winter weather is very unpredictable.  Last year we had just a light dusting of snow on a few days - that was it.  This winter we had no snow until February, but it sure made up for lost time.

We actually didn't get hit as hard as some of the areas to the South and West of us...no traffic jams like those in Atlanta!  However, for one day - there was no traffic on the roads...making it very quiet, as if the earth was covered with insulation.

The snow was wet too - good for making snowballs and snow men because it sticks together better.  And, it made all the trees look more beautiful with every branch and leaf outlined in glistening white frosting.

On the second day, neighborhood kids were all out sledding and people were enjoying walks with their dogs.  It was hard to know who was having more fun.  There's something about the first snowfall that turns all of us back into children.

Here are some photos we took of the house and yard during the worst of the storm.  You Northeasterners can laugh all you want - but this is "big snow" to us. 

Check out this video we took from the balcony.