Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Most people think that the poet Robert Frost believed that good fences make good neighbors, since it's a line in his poem "Mending Wall".  However, when you read the poem, you'll see that Frost was ambivalent about the idea.  We are also.

But, when the trees along the back of our yard were trimmed this year, the view of our neighbors' chain link fences of varying sizes, their cars, and a compost pile made a new wood fence seem like a good idea.

Since The Lion & The Rose Bed & Breakfast is in Asheville's oldest National Historic District - Montford, building a fence is not simple.

We had to submit a written request to the local Historic Commission along with photos, a fence design, and a plot map to get the fence approved.

Then, our handyman and friend Rudi Pearce, had to engineer the fence for the sight.

The fence sits at the top of a very steep slope and there are large trees along the ridge. 

Rudi was able to route the wood fence along the steep ridge and build it around the tree trunks.  He also made the bottom of the fence follow the uneven terrain.

The neighborhood is historic (also known as old).  Over the past 100 years people have torn up concrete walks and stone & brick walls.

A lot of this debris ended up at the back of our lot - under inches of mulch & ivy.  So, digging the fence post holes was very difficult - even with a power post hole digger.

Rudi calmly and proficiently met each challenge with ease

and hand built a beautiful lattice and board fence...

as you can see from the last photo.