Guests From Knoxville

Steve & Sharon first stayed at The Lion & The Rose Bed & Breakfast in October of 2004.  We developed a special bond with them from the beginning.  Although we don't share many of the obvious things that most friends have in common: age, background, profession; the bond developed anyway.

Steve & Sharon live in Knoxville, Tennessee - less than a two hour drive to Asheville, so week end trips are easy.  Asheville's beauty and eclectic downtown make it a fun trip for couples living in the surrounding area.

They returned on New Year's Eve and shared the holiday with us.  The Fannie Rice Room soon became a favorite for their other return trips. 

Steve & Lucas  August, 2007

But this all came to an end when Sharon became pregnant with their first (and only) child.

Lucas was born in March of 2007 and that ended their stays at the B&B - at least for a while. 

Steve & Sharon brought Lucas to Asheville for a day trip when he was five months old. 

Steve, Lucas, & Sharon  August, 2008

They visited us again in August of 2008.  Lucas is now 17 months old and walking.  He is handsome, smart, and very well behaved (but we are prejudiced). 

No - we don't accept children under 12 for overnight stays at The Lion & The Rose.  But Steve & Sharon are planning their first overnight stay away from Lucas at our inn! 

New parents need getaways and we are happy to provide them.