Halloween 2009

Last year the weather was perfect for Halloween, but rain was in the forecast for Asheville, North Carolina on October 31st of 2009. 

Luckily, a little rain didn't stop hundreds of determined trick or treaters from visiting The Lion & The Rose Bed & Breakfast. 

Dracula guarded the front gate.


Tony Spencer, from the UK, helped Jim set up the decorations.  He and his wife Janet also helped distribute treats with the help of Margaritas (the drink).  Tony said that if we did this in England that we'ld be "put away".

Innkeeper with Tony The Innkeepers After a Margarita


Our assistant Heather and her significant other, Austin, were ready for the occasion.

Sally also helped distribute treats.;

This was, by far, the scariest visitor we had.

\The innkeeper was a cross between Norman Bates' mother in Psycho and Jonathan Winters' Maudie Frickett.

With a Margarita.

And, what would a Victorian B&B be without a ghost?  Our friend Ralph took these photos - decide for yourself: