Julyan Davis

Asheville is the home of many artists:  musicians, sculptors, painters, writers, and actors.  They've come from all parts of the country and the world, and somehow settled in this plateau in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

I first saw Julyan Davis' paintings in a local magazine, The Laurel, several years ago.  Ever since, when visiting galleries in town, I've looked for his work and have been able to spot his paintings from across the room - his talent is that unique and breathtaking.


Julyan's art combines classical realism with a freer, more personal, abstract technique.  Doing this by stages, he says, "taught me to bide my time, learn more, and find a way to keep the best of both worlds."  About Asheville, Julyan says "there are many 'refugees' from the rest of the South here - people who didn't fit in back in Georgia or Tennessee, who bring much energy to a less judgemental future, yet have an affection for the life they left behind."


The art of Julyan Davis is one more reason for you to visit our Asheville Bed & Breakfast and to experience our town's rich and diverse offerings.