From Our Gardens to the Breakfast Table

Asheville, North Carolina is the world's first Foodtopian Society.  This is just a trendy term for the way humans used to eat before freezers and chemicals.

Foodtopians believe that good food should be sustainable, with farm to table meals that feature seasonable ingredients from local fields.

At The Lion & the Rose Bed & Breakfast, we've taken this concept even further this summer by using fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the gardens of our friends and co-workers.

Vegetables for The Lion & Rose Heather in the Garden

Our assistant, Heather, tends a neighborhood vegetable garden in West Asheville.  Heather's garden has supplied us with tomatoes, peppers, and herbs - including our favorite - fresh basil.  We used these ingredients to make Bruschetta Eggs - an original Lion & Rose recipe.

Rudi in His Garden Rudi in Jeff's Garden

Our friend and handyman, Rudi, has two gardens at his home.  One is his and one is tended by his friend, Jeff.  Rudi and Jeff have supplied us with tomatoes & peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, kale, arugula, and the list just goes on...

A few weeks ago, Rudi brought us a big bag of zucchini.  Sally, our other assistant, made mouth watering zucchini bread from it that we served to guests at breakfast the next day.

Sally Cooking Sally's Zucchini Bread