Spring in Asheville

La Primavera! Spring is the most beautiful season here in this plateau centered in the oldest mountain range in the world.

Spring in Asheville

Asheville has been a tourist destination since the 1890's because of its extraordinary location & perfect climate. Now there is easy access to the Blue Ridge Parkway which winds through the city and surrounding countryside.

Or, you can visit the Biltmore Estate's grounds and gardens which were designed by Frederick Olmsted, the architect for New York City's Central Park and the originator of landscape architecture in America. The city's Arboretum is yet another place to experience the area's lush and varied landscape at its best.

You can enjoy the beauty of the season everywhere in Asheville, but especially at The Lion & The Rose Bed & Breakfast. The Lion & The Rose is located in the center of Asheville's oldest National Historic District; a residential neighborhood dating back to the turn of the last century, with wide tree lined streets, terraced gardens, and shaded sidewalks.

Violets grow wild in the grass, phlox cascade down rock walls, weeping cherry trees lose their blossoms in the wind to cover the emerald green lawn like snow.