Stan and Mel

Asheville and The Lion & the Rose Bed & Breakfast are ideal for special occasions.  Over the years our guests have come here to celebrate engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements . . . the list is long and varied.

But Stanley & Armella (Stan & Mel) just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at our Bed & Breakfast.  This was a first for us and something quite unusual to see these days.

Stan & Mel live in Glenville, North Carolina now, but they met in Chicago in March of 1949.  Stan was playing saxophone in a band (he also plays the clarinet and piano), and Mel was hired as the vocalist.  They were married on February 11, 1950 and have been together ever since.

February 11, 1950

They've had a full and wonderful life together - first in Chicago, then in the Florida Keys, and now in the beautiful mountains of the Blue Ridge.  Their daughter and only child, Kim, gave them the stay at our B&B as an anniversary gift.  Stan & Mel also have two grandchildren of whom they are very proud.

Aside from all of this, they are interesting, unpretentious, sharp, and obviously still very much in love with each other.  In a way, they were a Valentine's gift to us - a reminder of what a real Valentine is all about.