Asheville has always been a tourist town because of its gorgeous mountain surroundings.  But, it also has a unique character that you won't find in too many small towns in the South.  The city's culture is laid back and open to everyone - that's why so many artists and musicians have moved here.  People who don't quite feel right in other places take to "The Land of the Sky" immediately. That's why we moved here, and just about anyone else who visits or stays will give you a similar answer.

Tim Wood has been our handyman at the bed and breakfast for several years.  He owns his own lawn maintenance business, but agreed to stay on as our handyman as a favor to us.  We actually met Tim through his partner, Keke, who was working for us first.  They had just moved to Asheville with their two dogs and a rickety jeep.  Keke eventually went back to school, but we were fortunate enough to keep Tim on.

He only does work for us on an as needed basis, but with a 100+ year old house he's needed pretty often.  Tim has had many different jobs over the years, so he knows something about just about everything.  He can set stone walls and walk ways, lay tile, do carpentry work, and he is also interested in art - as you can see by the metal roses he made and affixed to his lawn maintenance truck.

He also made beautiful panels with inset metal scroll work for our back yard, and a wooden screen to hide our composter.  The barbed wire roses were a collaborative effort between him and Keke - we especially like the rusted metal rose which is on the mantel in our formal parlor. 





So, we're glad that Tim and Keke chose to make Asheville their home; but even if you're not fortunate enough to live here, a visit of just a few days will give you a renewed outlook on things and make you feel like a kid again.