Unchain Your Dog and My Heart

Our friend and former Asheville B&B owner, Peggy Irwin, has accomplished a lot since retiring from the inn business a few years ago.

Reese & Peggy

As a life long dog lover, she was haunted by the number of chained dogs she saw everywhere in the city.  Many with chains so tight they were cutting into flesh, or chains too short to allow dogs to walk more than a few steps, or dogs tied up in the snow and rain with no shelter.


Not only do dogs deserve better, but people who try to befriend these dogs - especially children, are likely to be attacked by an animal who is being abused in this way.  Rather than just complaining about this problem, Peggy decided to do something about it.  She founded Chain Free Asheville, an all volunteer organization to educate people about chaining dogs and to help families who need fences.

In addition, after repeated attempts by Peggy and her organization to convince the City Council to enact a law against the chaining of dogs, on September 22, 2009 Asheville banned all unattended tethering of dogs in the city.  This law would never have passed without Peggy's perseverance and hard work.

So, we are proud and fortunate to call Peggy and her husband Patrick - fence builder extraordinaire - our friends.