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Heather's Wedding

Heather has worked as our assistant at The Lion and the Rose Bed and Breakfast for over 7 years - longer than anyone else.  She is not only like family now but has become an important part of the day to day operation of the business.

This August she married her long time friend and lover, Austin, at The Farm just outside Asheville.  It was a small wedding, but filled with the people most important to the two of them and in a beautiful rural setting.

Firefly Magic

If you were lucky enough to grow up in an area of the country that had fireflies, you probably remember the excitement and magic they created every summer when they appeared at the end of dusk. 

Pizza Pura

Pizza Pura is a new restaurant in the River Arts District (or RAD for short).  The owner/operator husband and wife team of Ben Mixson and Laura Reuss also own White Duck Taco, which is very popular with locals and tourists and is also in the RAD.

We have visited Italy and have a family heritage from Naples, so we love pizza.  The pizza at Pizza Pura is the best we have had outside of Italy and our Aunt Josephine's.


We attended a jazz concert at Isis Restaurant and Music Hall in West Asheville recently and it was impressive.  The musicians were first rate, the food was good, and the newly renovated space is "big city" modern and sophisticated yet laid back - like the rest of our town.

Birds Do It

Spring has arrived in Asheville, North Carolina - but it's not all sunshine and roses - especially for bed and breakfast owners.  From the "glass half empty" perspective, it's the time of year for ants in the house, pollen and allergies, cleaning all the outside stuff you couldn't get to in winter, yard get the picture.


Most visitors come to Asheville to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains, to sample locally grown food at one of the many independently owned restaurants, to hear live music of all kinds, to visit Biltmore House, or to enjoy the thriving art community. 

Now you can have all that and Acro-Cats too!  Acro-Cats is a traveling cat circus and rock band hailing from Chicago.  They'll be arriving by bus for 19 live performances at the BeBe Theatre in downtown Asheville - a little less than a mile from our bed and breakfast.

Spring 2013

Now is the best time to visit Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  The photos below are from our garden, except for the first one from the Biltmore.  The crocus, daffodil, quince, and forsythia are blooming now and should continue for a few more weeks.  Also, some of the fruit trees are beginning to bud out.

Old Photos of The Lion and the Rose

Every now and then someone sends us old photos of our house and its residents.  This time we received several, so we're posting them here.  In the 1960's and 70's our neighborhood of Montford was in disrepair.  Many locals were afraid to walk through it, even in daylight.  Most of the larger homes had been turned into apartments or were left vacant.


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