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October 1, 2022

5 Creepy Hikes Near Asheville

Happy October!

We are passionate about hiking and often get asked what our favorite hikes are. Well, it honestly depends on the time of year and what you are looking to see on that hike. Now that October has begun, we felt that it is the appropriate time for sharing our favorite haunted hikes.

Browning Knob –

There are dozens of plane crash sites in Western North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. This trail is for those looking to travel off the beaten path to see a Cessna crash that is mostly intact. It is a moderately challenging 2.5 mile hike and be prepared for an elevation of approximately 6,240 feet. Sadly, on November 24, 1983, a Cessna 414 crashed into the side of  Browning Knob and all onboard were killed. This location is very quiet and is near the top of the mountain but there is definitely a spooky feel once at the crash site. Poor weather and alcohol have been said to be the cause of this crash. We have hiked this trail several times and it is still creepy even on a sunny day.

Barnett Knob Fire Tower and Abandoned Cabin –

This 1.4 mile hike is easy and one of the only remaining towers in the Qualla Boundary of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians that is accessible to the public. It is located off of the Blue Ridge Parkway between Maggie Valley and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This 60 ft steel tower was built in 1932. It offers amazing views of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Plott Balsams. On a windy day, the weird, creaking sounds give you an uneasy feeling when climbing the tower. It was similar to the sounds we heard at Frying Pan Tower. The biggest creep factor here is the abandoned watchman’s cabin. Upon entering the cabin, you will find a small black and white TV on the floor that is on with white static playing. It had a Poltergeist type of feel and was really weird.

The Road to Nowhere –

Along the North shore of Lake Fontana, Lakeview Drive was to be built in order to provide access to old family cemeteries. The road project failed due to an environmental issue. About six miles into the park, construction was stopped with the road ending at a tunnel. Roadwork was never resumed and county residents gave the unfinished Lakeview Drive its popular, albeit unofficial name, The Road To Nowhere. Note that you may want to bring along a flashlight. Walking through this quarter mile long tunnel is dark and creepy even on a sunny day.

Cemetery Loop Trail –

This off the beaten path trail is an easy to moderate 2.5 mile loop in Pisgah National Forest near Brevard. It is named for the old McCall family cemetery and most of the headstones are from the 1800s. The beginning of the trail follows an old wagon road and can be somewhat overgrown in spots. If you’re lucky, you may find mountain laurel, dwarf iris or lady slippers in bloom. Upon reaching the cemetery loop, you will find that only a few of the stones are readable. It feels like a peaceful spot but still has a little bit of a creepy feel since many of the headstones are illegible and worn.

Noland Creek Trail –

Also known as the Norton Creek Trail, this trail has two ghostly tales and over 200 cemeteries. It sounds creepy already, right? The first haunted tale is about a settler that died in the woods while searching for his lost daughter. The spirit of this settler is said to be friendly and will shine a bright light to help guide lost hikers. The second haunted tale is a Cherokee legend about a witch named Spearfinger. This scary witch’s spirit has been said to lure children to her home. She would sing to them, rock them to sleep and then she would use her razor sharp finger to eat their livers. This hike begins on the North shore of Lake Fontana on the North Carolina side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.