Bid to save wild lives and win a stay in Asheville, The Lion and the Rose

The Lion and the Rose

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November 7, 2022

Bid to save wild lives and win a stay in Asheville

To all our fellow animal and wildlife lovers,

For those who already know us, you understand how deep our love and connection with wildlife is. For those of you who don't know us, we will give you a little overview of who we are and why we are excited to partner with organizations that help wildlife and animals. Steve and I have always been passionate about nature. We combined that love with travel and most of our travels around the world have revolved around wildlife. This is one of the reasons we have been given the nicknames, Mr. and Mrs. Wild.

We are happy to be partners with Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that coordinates wildlife rehabilitation efforts in Western North Carolina. They focus on rescues, rehabilitations, and releases of orphaned and injured wildlife. A group of wonderful volunteers offer a place for wild animals to go and get the care and treatment they need to give them a second chance at life in the wild. Appalachian Wildlife Refuge also offers conservation education to the community.

This is our third year as a participant in the Bid to Save Wild Lives charity auction. Please check out the auction at Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. This online auction runs from November 7 - 21, 2022. Help local wildlife and win a stay at The Lion and the Rose Bed and Breakfast. Perfect gift for yourself or loved ones while helping a great cause!