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October 30, 2020

Haunted Asheville

Haunted Asheville

We are lucky to have great friends that grew up in Asheville. They have told us about some interesting local hauntings and strange experiences. With Halloween around the corner, we thought this was the right time to share some of these ghost stories and legends of paranormal activity.

Helen's Bridge

The most haunted place in Asheville is said to be Helen's Bridge. The bridge was constructed of quarried stone in 1909 to provide access to Zealandia mansion. A woman named Helen had lived at or near the mansion with her daughter. Her daughter died in a fire and Helen could not deal with the pain of losing her beloved daughter. Helen hung herself from the bridge. Legend says that she appears when her name is called. Many people have reported that their car will not start when they go to leave the area or have experienced looming car issues after having visited Helen's bridge.

There has also supposedly been a great amount of paranormal activity around this bridge and other dark and creepy apparitions have been seen. Some have described monster-like figures hiding in the dense brush. And some have even reported physical experiences such as scratches and slaps.

Highland Hospital

About a mile away from our inn, you will find Highland Hospital and possibly Zelda Fitzgerald's ghost. On March 10, 1948, a fire had broken out in the kitchen area of the Highland Hospital. That day Zelda Fitzgerald was scheduled to undergo an electroshock therapy treatment and was locked in her room. Flames quickly spread throughout the entire building and the fire escapes were completely destroyed. Sadly, nine women including Zelda Fitzgerald died in the fire. Zelda was known for taking frequent walks during her stays at Highland Hospital and it is said that her spirit still wanders around the property.

Brown Mountain Lights

The mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights have been caught on camera several times but no one knows exactly what the lights are. They can be definitively seen with your own eyes and appear as glowing orbs of light. They seem to be different colors and sizes but appear and then disappear. Some have reported sounds described as a beating drum while the lights dance above and below the treetops. Science has tried to explain the lights as marsh gas but there are no marshes in the area. Some people are convinced the lights are related to UFOs and aliens and others feel the lights are orbs of Native American ghosts.