Meet Lita, the inn puppy, The Lion and the Rose

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April 5, 2024

Meet Lita, the inn puppy

Lita, the shih tzu puppy

As some of you already know, we sadly lost our beloved inn dog, Oreo, to canine cancer. It has been such a difficult time for all of us and we know many of you loved Oreo as much as we did. Thank you so much for all of your love and support during this sad and heartbreaking time. Your kind words and condolences mean a lot to us.

Our other inn dog, Ozzy, was extremely attached to Oreo and was so lost without his buddy. It was beyond sad to watch him grieve for his best friend. We felt the time was right and made the decision to search for a new inn puppy.

There were certain requirements for a new inn dog. First, we needed a hypoallergenic dog for our sake and our guests. Our inn dogs are only introduced once we get approval from guests. Second, we wanted a sweet and loveable pup that would love guests and her inn duties as much as Ozzy.

We just couldn't pass up this adorable little girl once we saw her. She has only been with us a couple of weeks but she is already excited to be an inn dog at The Lion and the Rose. Hopefully you all agree that she is a great addition to our family 🙂

Resume for Lita, the Shih Tzu puppy


Extremely sweet, intelligent, friendly Shih Tzu puppy seeks a loving family that offers a safe and fun environment. Searching for a permanent position that allows me the opportunity to make many friends and give many puppy kisses.


  • Excellent puppy kisser
  • Super cute heartbreaker that will melt all hearts
  • Adorable fluff ball
  • Fast learner
  • Good listener
  • Very ambitious
  • Attention getter
  • Great playmate
  • Offering hours of silly and cute entertainment
  • Exceptional cuddler
  • "Jill of all trades"
  • Talented multi-tasker
  • Eager to please
  • Hard worker
  • Good companion
  • Works well with humans and other animals
  • Perfect bonus Bed and Breakfast amenity and another reason to choose The Lion and the Rose as your place to stay in Asheville


Although I have no past experience, I am eager to learn and willing to shadow lead inn dog and big brother, Ozzy. My cuteness, loving companionship and endless puppy kisses will be used to fulfill all inn job duties. I promise to make guests smile and laugh daily. Upon request, I will happily greet guests and offer them many puppy kisses and cuddles. My big brother, Ozzy, will be loved and wrestled with until he is pooped out. My parents will get their fill of daily physical exercise chasing me around and smiles from my cuteness. Even though I am small, I am a spitfire ready to take on the world. I am a hard worker with lots of energy and willing to work long hours. I am a bold and sweet girl and I am the pick of the litter for this job!

Personal Bio:

I am currently 12 weeks old. My parents named me after Lita Ford, one of the best female rock musicians of all time. Like my human parents, I rock hard, work hard and play hard. Please come to The Lion and the Rose and visit me. I can't wait to meet you!