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June 4, 2022

New Backroads and Waterfall Adventures around Asheville

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Asheville Jeep Tours. Whether you are looking to tour the Blue Ridge Parkway, explore the backroads and waterfalls or go on an extreme off-road adventure, these new opportunities are a great way to get out in nature and enjoy all the beautiful and hidden spots within our mountains and forests with a local expert guide.

Our review of the Backroads & Waterfall Jeep Tour

We had the pleasure of meeting our guide, Clayton, for the Backroads & Waterfall tour and we had such a blast. As most of you know, we are passionate about the outdoors and nature. Hence, our nicknames, Mr and Mrs Wild. We knew this tour would be right up our alley as we are always looking for a new adventure and exciting way to explore the beauty of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Let's start by saying the custom jeep is just very cool and it was comfortable. It was reminiscent of our days on safari in Africa. It brought back some wonderful memories of our past travels and adventures. Driving through puddles in a 4x4 in search of nature and wildlife felt like deja vu but this was a different type of safari. This time we were in search of waterfalls, flowers and whatever we found along our path. Clayton told us about the background and history of the National Forest. We had a great time discussing the biodiversity of the area. We also traded stories about plants, animals, waterfalls, and hiking.

On this tour, you will stop and see a few waterfalls. Once again, this was so us. We are avid hikers and love chasing waterfalls. Note that there is no strenuous or long trail hiking but just a couple of nice walks to see some gorgeous waterfalls tucked in the forest. I don't want to share which waterfalls as that would ruin the fun of the secrets of hidden gems you have to find on this tour.

Choose Your Jeep Adventure

If the Backroads & Waterfalls is not your style or level of adventure, check out the descriptions for the Blue Ridge Parkway tour, Extreme Off-road tour, or Downtown Asheville Brewery Hopping Tour below.

  • Backroads & Waterfalls - See "The Land Of Waterfalls" in our custom Jeep! This tour takes you along miles of scenic National Forest backroads to our favorite waterfalls. Your guide will share stories of the rich history and biodiversity of our Asheville mountains.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway Driving Tour - This tour takes you on the most iconic stretch of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. Enjoy endless views from your seat on our custom jeep. Your local guide will share stories about Pisgah National Forest, its rich history, and unique biodiversity.
  • Extreme Off-road Adventure - Experience a true off-road adventure deep in the Appalachian Mountains. This Jeep Tour takes you through rivers, mud holes, up mountains, and through miles and miles of National Forest.
  • Downtown Asheville Brewery Tour - Experience "Beer City" in a custom Jeep! This brewery tour takes you to three of Asheville's greatest breweries where you will receive behind-the-scenes knowledge and a delicious drink.