The Giving Plate, The Lion and the Rose

The Lion and the Rose

Bed & Breakfast


April 21, 2021

The Giving Plate

We love working with other local businesses every chance we get. We enjoyed having a photo shoot onsite for the new Spring line at Virtue Boutique. Renee and all the models were lovely. It was fun to be a part of their photo shoot and we really enjoyed seeing and sharing all the beautiful shots they took while at the inn. We look forward to having them do another shoot in the future.

About a week after the photo shoot, we were surprised by a package in the mail from Renee at Virtue Boutique. The Giving Plate was such a nice gesture and we absolutely love it! It reads:

The Giving Plate

This plate is for everyone to give love and kindness away. Let its gift bring joy and comfort while it’s with you on this day. Cherish the precious memories made with your family and friends, then pass it on to someone else so it’s giving never ends.

We decided to pass this plate onto our good friends, Scott and Cindi. They showed us true Southern hospitality from the time we decided to buy The Lion and the Rose. They have become such dear friends and we are so grateful for their friendship and kindness over the last couple of years. We hope the giving plate brings them happiness as it did to us and that it continues to give joy to whomever they choose to pass the plate onto in the future.