Top 25 New Age Cities for 2020, The Lion and the Rose

The Lion and the Rose

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April 10, 2020

Top 25 New Age Cities for 2020

Top 25 New Age Cities for 2020

Outdoor, charm, and a whimsical air that inevitably attracts spiritual and creative folks, that’s our Asheville. Ya’ll know we’re still in the South, but this is the Blue Ridge South, a place where the beauty of the woody, lush mountains envelops and preserves.

And these people here, this community, make it all the better.

Of course, locals know all this, but what’s extra special is when someone else spots that magic. According to a new studied index of cities from, Asheville made the #4 spot in their newest official city ranking: Top 25 Wanderlust-Inspiring New Age Cities for Spring. 

Asheville Top Wanderlust City

These cities were ranked on measurable factors including community vibes, creativity, spirituality and wellness, outdoor activities, and festivals.

Asheville’s known for its plethora of outdoor activities like yoga hikes and a celebrated arts district featuring artists specializing in glass blowing, sculpture, and even bookbinding and basketry. Plus, friendly faces populate the city welcoming and encouraging personal wellness and internal self-discovery. After all, the motto is “Discovery inside and out.”

And that’s really possible here in Asheville!