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Happy New Year!!! We would like to send a big heartfelt thank you to each and every guest for making 2019 a wonderful year. We are looking forward to what 2020 brings us all. Winter has arrived in the mountains and football season is just about over so we will be focusing on romantic getaways. […]
As some of you already know, we sadly lost our beloved inn dog, Harley, to canine cancer. Oreo seemed to be lost without a buddy so we made the decision to search for a new inn puppy. We just couldn’t pass up this adorable candidate that was so excited to become an inn dog at The Lion and […]
We are so excited to celebrate to our first Inn-iversary as innkeepers here at The Lion and the Rose! We want to say thank you to all of our guests, friends, family and neighbors for making our first year so memorable and special. We have met so many wonderful people and we are loving what we […]
We are always looking for new and fun things for our guests here at The Lion and the Rose. Our Beer Days of Summer was a hit and we want to keep the beer days flowing. Rather than just calling our next chapter the beer days of fall, we wanted something that was a bit […]
The Lion and the Rose beer
What’s better than a pint of fresh beer on a warm spring day or for that matter a cold and dreary winter day? (We’ve had more than enough of those this winter let me tell ya) Heck! Any day is a good day for beer! Well, here at the Lion and the Rose we have […]
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